Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday is Whaleday

First of all, God hates you. I'm sorry if you didn't already know.

Second, I apologize for some of the glitches on the website. Cockaganda is a mess. But unfortunately our webmaster is in Hawaii on vacation this week. When he returns he'll get out his tools and fix it. Because he's good like that. It's also come to my attention that some of you are having trouble navigating around the site? I've heard that some people don't know that the little W in the circle on the store side of the site enables you to scroll through our vast array of products? Well then I think you should desist from using a computer because it's obviously too complicated a machine for you to be operating.

Hopefully the store will be up and running next week as well and you can order all the cock you want online.

Gary is doing fine, for anyone who has been wondering. In fact he’s going to be Whalecock’s second team rider after Morrissey. He’s blowing up. Although his home life has been in shambles the last year. Tania and I got a puppy. A miniature dachshund. His name is Beckett. And he is the bane of Gary’s existence. The sight of him just makes Gary gag and puke.

I don't know, I think Beckett is kind of cute. But maybe he makes you puke too?

Who you rooting for in the Puppy Bowl on Sunday? I'm going for the dachshunds.

And I know I'm not the first person to question the inherent redundancy of National Go Skate Day (isn't it every day?), but I mean if you're actually going to pick one day to call Go Skate Day, I would have chosen Super Bowl Sunday as Go Skate Day.

Here are some new Alien Workshop boards featuring art from my friend Chris Reed. Good stuff. If you have any money left over after buying Whalecock boards, I'd pick up a couple of these.

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Anonymous said...

Why did you get a puppy and fuck up
Gary's life?? Bastard.