Monday, June 25, 2007


The whale was created by God. Or an ostrich. Perhaps God was ordered by an ostrich to create whales. Did God create the ostrich to boss him around? That’s a bit masochistic isn’t it? Or is the ostrich God, and God is just its puppet? A clumsy flightless bird that buries its head in the sand created everything? That actually makes more sense. That would make it an OZtrich, then, wouldn’t it? The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghoztrich. It doesn’t much matter. There are whales.

And Eric Nevada—who was also created by God, or an ostrich, it doesn’t much matter—was born to hunt them.


Anonymous said...


In about, 15 years, will you guys put up a video on You Tube of the two of you, all drunken and shit fighting, like in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Only Dave can be this boozed out professor who teaches Joyce. And
all the 40, 50-somethings will be like, "holy shit that guy used to be the skater/Big Brother editor! I feel SO old."
All your friends said nice, sweet congratulatory things, so you had to have something all bleak and fatalistic (so Irish, you know?)

Rory said...

Seriously, congratulations, you're making a huge mistake. Love is beautiful, marriage is not.

Anonymous said...

Eric Nevada is an evil whale killing bastard