Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This was sent to me by a fellow named Brian Unwin...which i just realized, does unwin mean "lose?" anyway, in iceland they eat whale. whale kabobs apparently. but why do they even bother with those little tiny slices of bell pepper. if i were making whale kabobs i'd get a fucking fence post or a sword or something and slam five pound hunks of whale on it and separate them with fucking pumpkins and watermelons and shit. then i'd sail over to norway and roast it over the flames of a burning church.

and if you read the tony hawk whalecock interview, you'll remember that tony surprisingly has actually had whale before. at a sushi joint in santa monica. which is in america. that's some under the table shit right there. that's almost like serving panda carpaccio.


Interestingly, the sport of whaling is in the news these days. Japan's pissed, they want whale kabobs too.

"By Daisuke Wakabayashi
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Japan clashed with anti-whaling nations Wednesday over its proposal to allow four of its small coastal villages to hunt whales, and postponed a decision to bring the matter to a vote.
At the International Whaling Commission's annual meeting, Japan argued that its proposal to catch minke whales should fall under the umbrella of community whaling because whaling has been part of its culture for thousands of years. Opponents say that is merely commercial whaling in disguise."


and my english friend nic powley is totally nicking my idea with his stupid ass dog wanker skateboard company. don't mess with the cock,'re gonna get fucked.


yes it was gary's 11th bday yesterday. may 29. and he spent it at the vet. no, i kid. he spent it like every other day, sleeping, eating and beating on beckett. at the beginning of the month we had grand plans for a bday celebration, but by the time yesterday rolled around with its holiday weekend hangovers, we were like, "he's a fucking cat."

a violent cat. gary has been killing now that the warm weather is upon us and the critters are giving birth and since everything in southern california seems to be on fire, there's nowhere for them to hide. except in gary's mouth. although i'll admit gary can't hold a candle to this jeff motherscratcher's trail of blood. jesus christ, jeff is a fucking machine.

i'm glad to see that someone else enjoys taking pictures of the remains of the animals their cat kills. below is a pretty typical gary kill. and this was his last kill, a few weeks ago, and it was found in a pair of tania's pants that she had left on the floor next to the bed. tania wouldn't even pretend to like the gift that gary had given her.

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The 33King Network said...

Whale Cockbobs is an excellent google choice. Tried explaining the what jeff killed to a few people myself... What a find. My cat is slacking.