Friday, May 04, 2007


so i just interviewed kris markovich and we were getting all sentimental about skateboarding and i was like, "yeah, i’m going to go skate when i get off the phone with you on my little quarter pipe which i’ve hardly even ridden." “I’M GONNA SESSION!” i even put on my li’l anti-dislocated shoulder bra thing.

every thing started off alright. i was riding my li’l whalecock liquor store board, just doing pivots, i even tried a sweeper and a couple f/s rocks. smacked my tail on the curb out in the street a couple times. but then i tried to do a f/s pivot. i kind of committed to getting into it a little too early and i was still below coping so the board went SWOOOOP! and i was practically horizontal in the air. all i could think was, “my” and then, BAM! i hit the cement floor hard.

the first thing i dimly realized was how much heavier i am now. then i realized, "hey my arm is still in the socket." and then, "but my elbow isn’t. WAIT MY ELBOW ISN’T?" i’m kidding. my elbow is fine, although i slammed on it so hard i think i’ll have a nice swellbow. and as i lay there watching my board shoot out into the street and hit the neighbor’s parked car, i thought, “i just slammed.” and i smiled.

suffice it to say i’m back inside at the computer where it’s safe.


other news. did anyone know that sea world used to be a skate park? or it’s where they moved sadlands to?

when tania and i came upon it, i was like, “OOHHHH MY GAAAWWWWWD!” we were in a hurry to get churro’s or see sharks or something, so tania was all, “who cares?” i was like, “BUT LOOK AT IT! HOLY SHIT, THAT’S AWESOME.” and of course tania is always the voice of reason. she said, “well what are you going to do? skate it? do you have a skateboard? and even if you did, you think they’d let you skate it? come on, let’s go.”

“but i can imaginary skate it?”


she really wanted a churro. look at that shit though. it’s the empty pond at the base of that big ole spinning tower if you're familiar with the sea world amusement park grounds. actually i think you can see that tower from downtown san diego. anyway, i think it’s a permission pool. the owner's cool if you just bring a 12 pack of fish.

[upcoming photos of whale shit and seal shit from our sea world adventure. also "the greatest captive wildlife photographer in the world."]


russ sent this link to a pretty cool moby dick related project.

WEINER GETS SNAKED by dave england


gray said...

that's obviously not sadlands...if it was lester kasai would be in the frame somewhere.

jason jaa said...

Dave its easy to link your tabs.I know you dont want to be botherd but its simple. Sadlands,hhmmmm my first board was a Lester Kasai.He had just left Sims so my board grafix only had Lester on it. I shredded that deck till it was the size of a paper plate.good times indeed

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!! MANY YEARS, as we say. Please tell us about the celebration. Did Gary go to some cool LA bar, some sort of tacky joint with umbrella drinks, and all retro-lounge shit? The kind of place where Loomis DJ's, and would play Gary's favorite song. What is Gary's favorite song anyway? Did he have a dead mouse cake? Did he have strippers? Do you think Gary would like strippers? Actually, I'm guessing that Gary is no stranger to stippers.